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Staff and Emails

Midsouth Propane

Detroit Main Office

Larry and Wanda Scott Officers

Joel Scott Officers

Ronnie Scott Officers EMAIL

Jacky Scott Officers

Rylee Scott Dot Compliance Coordinator/Collections

Alan Franklin Computer Consultant

Angie Hartley Inventory Coordinator

April Cagle Human Resource/Accountant

Missy Hathcock Accounts Payable

Anna Clifton CSR

Betty Sandlin CSR

Chelsea McDonald CSR

Donna Buckley CSR

Kellie Tice CSR

Tammy Henry CSR

Marshall Emerson Service Manager

Cory Davis Service Technician

Donald W Hulsey Salesman Delivery

Hunter Carter Service Technician

Jimmy Bozeman Delivery Salesman

Joel Shotts Delivery Salesman

John Jackson Service Technician

Lloyd Clanton Delivery Salesman

Mack Fuqua Delivery Salesman

Haigen Scott Service Technician Helper


Lisa Owens CSR

Willie Hamilton Delivery Salesman


Angela Hutchenson CSR

Bobby Brewer Delivery Salesman

Darren Pruitt Delivery Salesman

Eddie Humphres Service Technician

Carbon Hill

Gerald Edwards Delivery Salesman

Rhonda Blankensopp CSR


Teresa Mordecai CSR

Jason Thompson Delivery Salesman

Roy Shook Delivery Salesman

Steve Rogers Service Technician


Bill Sheffield Sales/Management

Christy Ticer CSR


Nathan Cagle Sales/Management

Truddie Logan CSR

Rickey Dowty Delivery Salesman

Jones Chapel

Adam Wright Jones Chapel Service Technician

Corey Hood Jones Chapel Service Technician

Doug Borden Delivery Salesman

Keith Holmes Delivery Salesman

Leon Denson Sales/Management

Valarie Wright CSR


Corey Davidson Service Technician Helper

David Edmundson Delivery Salesman

David Walters Delivery Salesman

Johnny Russell Service Technician

Justin Wilson Delivery Salesman

Kayla Frazier CSR


Mary Kirksey CSR

Billy Brown Delivery Salesman

Robert Swinford Service Technician